How DUI’s Can Affect College Life

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College students need to remain a good consciousness of the law to avoid life-altering punishments.. In addition to all the possible criminal charges on the table, students can lose the perks of going to college. In late 2018, a Missouri college basketball player received a suspension after a DUI arrest. Student-athletes can lose their places on teams if cops [...]

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Red Flag Gun Laws in the State of Missouri

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Introduction In March 2018, Senate bill #1101 was proposed and included the Missouri red flag gun law. This law would have increased penalties for domestic abusers who attempted to purchase guns and criminalized bump stock ownership, but the legislation was not adopted. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of red flag laws because it [...]

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A Growing Interest: Missouri Approves Medical Marijuana

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Missourians approved medical marijuana Amendment 2 by a 65 percent vote earlier this month, and we now look forward to many months of studies by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the rise of cannabis dispensaries to a total of 192 by the year 2020. In terms of recreational use, nine states [...]

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The Use of GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking Cases United States v. Jones, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that attaching a GPS tracking device to a suspect's vehicle, and subsequent use of that device to monitor that vehicle's movements on public streets, constitutes an unlawful search or seizure [1]. Katz v. United States, declared that the fourth amendment protects a persons' "reasonable [...]

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An Exception to the Fourth Amendment

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The "community caretaking doctrine" is an exception to the constitutional warrant requirements which may be invoked to validate as reasonable a search of a car. The typical instance is when an abandoned, unlocked vehicle is sitting off the roadway, or sitting on a roadway or parking lot blocking traffic, or where the driver is slumped [...]

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Lawful Search Case Commentary by Dee Wampler

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A lawful investigative detention was not an illegal arrest when an officer expressed his intention to search a detainees pocket and then tried to reach into it [1]. Police noticed the suspect at a university student cafeteria. He appeared unkempt, his eyes were bloodshot and smelled of alcohol. A records check indicated he was not [...]

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Whistleblower Protection Act

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The whistleblower protection act (1989) is a law that protects Federal government employees from retaliatory action for voluntary disclosing information about dishonest or illegal activities occurring at a government organization[1] Lawmakers have recognized the crucial service whistleblowers provide in holding organizations accountable for wrongdoing. You can report directly to the office of special counsel on [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many scenarios in which you may wonder whether or not a police officer may lawfully search your vehicle. The Fourth Amendment protects against unlawful search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause. There are some situations that allow police to search your car with no warrant or probable cause, without violating your [...]

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Cyber Stalking and Cyber Harassment Laws

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The right to be left alone, the right to silence and to be free from harassment are “rights” often cited as essential to the First Amendment, but being put to real test in the communications age and the abusive potential of modern electronic communication. Free speech vs. anti-harassment laws are being considered by state and [...]

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Joseph Passanise and Scott Pierson Speak on New Expungement Law

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SPRINGFIELD, MO: In December, Attorneys Joseph S. Passanise and Scott Pierson spoke at The Missouri Bar's DWI and Traffic Law Update: What Practitioners Need to Know to Protect Their Clients. Their presentation entitled, "SINS OF THE PAST CAN BE CLEANSED: 2018 Is a New Year for One’s Criminal Record", covered change in legislation that went into effect [...]

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