The cost of a DWI in Greene County with Scott Pierson

The cost of a DWI in Greene County with Defense Attorney Scott Pierson

Scott Pierson, experienced defense attorney who handles hundreds of cases a year, discusses the cost of a DWI right here in Greene County. “Those cheap drinks have already become really expensive by the time you’ve hired an attorney,” he said. Totaled up, it comes to about $8,170-dollars. Of course, that’s just an estimate to show you how fast the costs can add up. Every case will be different. Not to mention the fact that if you drink and drive, you could get in a wreck and hurt someone.

Take a look at the whole interview by KSPR33 to see how much a DWI will cost, including all fines and fees associated with the charge.

Click here to see the full story from KSPR33.

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Scott Pierson
Scott Pierson is a criminal defense trial attorney in Springfield, Missouri. He spealizes in DWI's, drug charges and violent crimes. After working as an Assistant Public Defender for a couple years, he began working for the Law Offices of Dee Wampler and Joseph Passanise in January of 2014 where he focuses solely on criminal law at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Scott remains involved in the Springfield Community with Big Brother Big Sisters of the Ozarks and serves on the Theta Chi Iota Beta Alumni Board of Directors.