Cyber Harassment and Internet Defamation

Cyber Harassment and Internet Defamation
By: Dee Wampler

Missouri law prohibits knowingly communicating a threat to another person if it frightens, intimidates, or causes emotional distress. You cannot use course language, offensive to one’s “average sensibility” that puts another person in reasonable apprehension of offensive physical conduct, contact, or harm.

Court decisions are sorting out just how far First Amendment protection extends to private expression on the internet to define “subjective intent to threaten”.¹

Speech is protected by the First Amendment but one exception is the “true threats” exception.² Hosting intimidating comments about a woman on a Facebook page may instill fear in the target of the rant.³

Emailing threats, worrying others, and making false online posts are forms of protected speech.* Prosecutors will have difficulty proving evidence of the speakers intent to harm as courts consider the liberty of the rights of free speech.

¹18 U.S. Code 875(c).

²Watts v. U.S., 394 U.S. 705 (1969).

³Elonis v. U.S., 575 U.S. ___ (2015).

*Commonwealth v. Johnson, 96 Crim.L. 352 (MA 2014).

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