Marijuana laws have changed first-time offenses

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Effective in 2017, possession of less than ten (10) grams of marijuana no longer carries a jail sentence. Some small amounts of marijuana are now classified as Class "D" misdemeanors which carries a maximum fine of $500. A conviction will still be a criminal conviction so it is not totally decriminalized. Repeat offenses will remain [...]

Lawyers Arrival Means Interview Must Stop Even If Suspect is Not in Custody

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LAWYERS ARRIVAL MEANS INTERVIEW MUST STOP EVEN IF SUSPECT IS NOT IN CUSTODY By: Dee Wampler     Police interrogators were questioning a man about a crime regarding the suspicious disappearance of his estranged wife and her boyfriend. The suspect agreed to come to the station to the interview, had the opportunity to travel on [...]

Search Warrants For All Persons Present

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  SEARCH WARRANTS FOR ALL PERSONS PRESENT By: Dee Wampler    In a recent case a drug trafficking search warrant included the search of "all persons present" on a no-knock search warrant. The warrant included searching for drugs as well as "all persons present reasonably believed to be connected to said property and investigation."    [...]

Can You Get Rid Of That Old DWI? Yes, It Is Time To Expunge Your Record.

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Has it been 10 years since your DWI?  If so, then it’s time to get your DWI expunged. What is expungement?           Expungement is the process of closing records of an arrest, criminal conviction and/or finding of guilt. Expungement thus restoring you to the status you had prior to the incident occurring.  Once the expungement [...]

Dee’s Resume

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R E S U M E Updated 04/24/2017 1. PERSONAL Residence:  5261 S. Stonehaven Drive, Springfield, MO  65809 Business:   2974 E. Battlefield, Springfield, MO  65804 Telephone: (417) 883-1488 (417) 882-9300 (417) 818-3800 Fax:  (417) 882-9310 Email: entrapped@AOL.COM Marital Status: Married to Anne Price Burress in New Market, Virginia (1965) Children: Allison P. Wampler Steiner, [...]