Weaponized Police Drones Are Coming

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Weaponized Police Drones Are Coming By Dee Wampler Small and unmanned aerial drones are being used by police and firefighters as a useful new tool with at least 347 agencies in 43 states now flying them. Drone deployment is an emerging technology, unheard of 10 years ago, and more and more police agencies are using [...]

Is Miranda Required in Traffic Stops?

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Is Miranda Required in Traffic Stops? By Dee Wampler Miranda v. Arizona warnings are not necessary during questioning pursuant to a routine traffic stop[1] and statements made during a non-custodial traffic stop are admissible into evidence. [2] Roadside detentions may only last for a time necessary to conduct a reasonable investigation which includes “asking for [...]

Skirmish Lines Are Legal

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Skirmish Lines Are Legal By Dee Wampler In Fort Worth, Texas (2012) police were protecting a gay pride parade and a protester disobeyed a police officer’s order to not cross a “skirmish line.”  The culprit was charged with interference with public duties under Texas law.  The defendant claimed it was a violation of his First [...]

No Doxing, Ghosting or Brandjacking

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No Doxing, Ghosting or Brandjacking By Dee Wampler Missouri Law prohibits publicly posting or publicly displaying in any manner an individual’s social security number,[1] or to publicly post or display or make available to the general public persons social security number which should be otherwise secure and encrypted. And no state agency may  publicly disclose [...]

Fresh Pursuit

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Fresh Pursuit By:  Dee Wampler Police may make an arrest outside their territory if invited by the sheriff of an adjoining county.[1]  Officers in “fresh pursuit” may make an arrest outside the jurisdiction as long the pursuit begins inside his jurisdiction.[2] An officer who follows another vehicle without activation of siren or emergency lights would not [...]

Lawsuits Against Police

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Lawsuits Against Police By Dee Wampler In a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Graham vs. Connor[1] the US Supreme Court considered a civil rights lawsuit under 42 USC Sec. 1983 (a 1983 lawsuit) where plaintiffs claimed that a police officer used excessive force in making a stop in violation of their secured to him under the [...]

Cursing and Recording Police Officers

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Cursing and Recording Police Officers By: Dee Wampler State and Federal law strongly support freedom of speech but officers may not use force to stifle unwelcome criticism. Recording police activity and engaging in public protests is fundamentally a "democratic enterprise" because it provides a check on those "who are granted substantial discretion that may be [...]

Watch What You Post On Facebook

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Watch What You Post On Facebook By Dee Wampler Brian Dutcher stated on Facebook that he was going to kill former President Barack Obama and was convicted of making a credible threat even though he only had sling-shot in his van. He had repeated his plan to law enforcement ahead of a presidential visit. [1] Dutcher [...]

The Automobile Exception

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The Automobile Exception By: Dee Wampler The mobility of automobiles creates circumstances of an emergency or "exigency" that, as a necessity, rigorous enforcement of the warrant requirement is impossible since the expectation of privacy with respect to one's automobile is significantly less than that relating to one's home or office. Police may search on probable [...]