Gavin Devic has an outstanding and nearly perfect school record and accomplishments for a 17 year old high school student. He is an example of what we all hope and pray for our young people to be as future leaders.

He lettered in three (3) sports: Track, football, and wrestling. He was on schedule to set an all-time school record with 100 wrestling wins, but that opportunity has been lost.

His grade point was 4.0 (now 3.8) and is a top student; he is a member of Leadership Springfield Academy; honorary Math Club, and other organizations. He has earned OTC college credits and was looking forward to the A+ Program to afford college and better himself. He hoped to go to medical school and serve others. He is in Leadership Springfield and completes countless hours of community service.

And at the same time, he works two (2) part-time jobs to help his single parent father. His father raised to “Just Say No to Drugs.” His father is from Croatia and is a hard working restaurant employee.

Then, in December, 2016, it all changed. He hitched a ride with a fellow student to attend a Friday night Parkview social function. He hadn’t intended to stay late since he was to arise at 6:00 a.m. the next morning for a sporting event.

The other student admitted to previously smoking marijuana, and the odor was in the vehicle. Gavin did not smoke, touch, or inhale any substance much less knew any was in the car. Upon arrival at Parkview High School, Gavin was questioned about smoking dope. Law enforcement persisted and accused him of having blood shot eyes. (He took a “selfie” for later evidence). He was accused of having squinty eyes – he is one-half Japanese. They called him a liar attacking his identity and integrity. They belittled and tried to intimidate him to get him to admit to smoking marijuana, but Gavin continued to deny.

The following Monday he paid $30 of his savings for a drug test. He was negative for marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. The school refused to accept the test and refused to order their own test. He tried to do everything right but law enforcement and school officials refused to believe and presumed him guilty.

Gavin was suspended for ten (10) days, plus 28 days from athletic events. He was denied attending the football banquet (where he was to receive several All-Conference Awards and Most Improved Player). He was denied permission to compete in wrestling matches on December 29, 2016 – even though his suspension had expired.

But worse, he had more than three (3) college scholarship offers including the University of Chicago (now probably withdrawn) and most importantly his A+ eligibility for in-state college tuition is now withdrawn; all simply for riding in a car and denying marijuana use.

All of this punishment is for nothing! It punishes absolutely no illegal or immoral conduct. It deters no one! The students (and many teachers) at Parkview High School see the unfairness of it all.

Let’s restore his A-Plus Eligibility. Let’s clear his school record. And let Gavin move on to a successful pre-med college career.

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