This Cellebrite Mobile Company is a device for data extraction, transfer and analysis devices for cellular phones and mobile devices.[1]  Cellebrite Mobile forensics was established (2007) to produce software for mobile forensic purposes used by federal, state and local law enforcement.

Cellebrite offered to unlock an iPhone involved in the FBI-Apple encryption dispute concerning the San Bernardino shooting.

Cellebrite claims to have been the first in the mobile forensic industry to have achieved a number of smart phone forensic breakthroughs, including physical extraction and decoding of BlackBerry flash memory and Android.

Burner phones[2] are pay-as-you-go phones that have the reputation of being used for one purpose and then be discarded.  Many of the phones are phones of choice for people committing illegal activity because they are harder to track.  But today, many of the pay-as-you-go phones are valued by tons of people who want to save money and live contract free. Many prepaid phone providers do not require a credit check to establish service.

There is confusion regarding prepaid or burner phones.  They came to fame with the television show called, “The Wire”: when drug dealers used the phones to communicate.  Prepaid phones can be bought with cash (and without a contract) and they’re much harder to track, so it’s easy for people to use them for illegal activities and then simply dump the phone – and more importantly the phone number – when it’s considered burned or too risky to use.  Then, users simply buy another phone and pay-as-you-go.  These devices are incredibly appealing to criminals and have become notorious for criminal use.

[1] It is headquartered in Israel, a subsidiary of Sun Corporation, based in Japan.

[2] The Top Three Misconceptions of Pay as You Go Phones: “What is a Burner Phone?”